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Gordon Hammerle : A Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness : Formerly a Roman Catholic, now a Baptist
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Gordon Hammerle

Why is my name so prominent?

Why do I have my name so prominent on these web pages?

Some people may think I am conceited or full of myself because I have my name displayed prominently on my web site. I should be magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ and not myself, right? I agree - but I do have two reasons for putting my name so prominently:

  1. Search engines will list my pages near the top of the results when someone searches for my name. More and more people are using the internet to find friends they haven't seen in a long time. Others also like to see what the internet has about their relatives. Why shouldn't I try to get top rankings in search engines so these people will get some bible truths?
  2. Have you ever noticed how Paul begins each one of his epistles? He begins each one with his name. Did he do that to lift up himself? No. He did that because he was not ashamed to be associated with the word of God. When people thought of Paul, Paul wanted them to think of the word of God. I too am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. I want people to think of the Lord Jesus Christ when they think of me. I am not comparing myself to Paul - I am only following his example as he followed God.

Gordy Hammerle

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