The Lambs of Hephzibah House: Silence Protects No One

A recent series of podcasts, The Lambs of Hephzibah House, has been released that needs to be shared far and wide. These podcasts detail abuse received by teenage girls at a girls’ home in Indiana. You should listen to these and then pass them on. This home needs to be shut down so the abuse will end.

The podcast consists of 5 episodes, each about 15 minutes in length. Here are links to the individual episodes:

  1. Episode 1 – Background and Initiation
  2. Episode 2 – Breaking the Will of a Daughter of God
  3. Episode 3 – Labor and Food
  4. Episode 4 – A Policy and Culture of Humiliating Children
  5. Episode 5 – Triumphs

Silence protects no one.

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2 Responses to “The Lambs of Hephzibah House: Silence Protects No One”

  1. Hi Bro. Hammerle,

    Not to put a damper on it, but I’ve heard some contrary information which suggests that the accusations made against Hephzibah House are bogus….

  2. Yes, I’ve heard both sides. I’ve been following it for about a year. A couple crucial bits that persuaded me was the testimony of a supporter confirmed some of the testimony of the survivors – this was a testimony posted on the pro-Hephzibah website. Also, a couple of people who were members of churches that supported Hephzibah had been in the area (either on vacation or for a preaching engagement) and stopped by to see the place. They were denied access. They couldn’t even get past the gate.

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