Disagreement is not a personal attack

I have sometimes seen people mistakenly react to a disagreement as if it was a personal attack. The offended person would become belligerent and let both barrels fly. However, we can see examples in the Bible where there was disagreement and the parties involved came together and reasoned it out. Disagreements are NOT personal attacks. There is no need to buck up and retaliate. Rather, get together and discuss the disagreement and search the scriptures to see what the scriptures say about the matter. Not a one of us has it all figured out. If we approach disagreements reasonably, we may actually find ourselves learning and growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Acts 11, we see Peter was confronted by those who were circumcised because Peter ate with uncircumcised men. These men had a disagreement with Peter. Peter did not get upset and yell at them about his apostolic authority and how dare they question him. No, Peter explained to them what had happened. And guess what? In verse 18 we see that they glorified God! The disagreement was handled reasonably and God was glorified.

In Acts 15, Judaizers were teaching new Gentile believers in Antioch that they needed to be circumcised if they were saved. Paul and Barnabas brought the issue up to the church in Jerusalem. The issue was then discussed before coming to a resolution. The resolution was then brought to Antioch which resulted in the people rejoicing (v. 31).

One disagreement being discussed and resolved brought glory to God. The other disagreement being discussed and resolved brought rejoicing by the people of God. We do see some instances where disagreements cannot be resolved and the people go separate ways (Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Mark), but there was discussion first. Disagreements should bring about discussion, not invectives.

Come, let us reason together, saith the Lord.

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  1. Amen! A word in due season. Thank you much.

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