Persecution of Christians

Why do so many professing Christians get so worried that we are going to suffer so much persecution if Senator Obama is elected as the next President? No matter how bad his policies may or may not be, we are not going to be persecuted more. Even if we did suffer more persecution, it won’t come near the level the early church suffered at the hands of Nero or even what Christians in some other countries face today. I’m pretty sure the early church survived.

A little more persecution could actually be a good thing. We’ve become lazy and spoiled. Getting a dirty look because we wear a t-shirt with a Bible verse isn’t persecution. Having to eat out less is not suffering persecution. Paying more taxes is not suffering persecution.

When you get locked in prison or beaten to the point of death because you preached the gospel is suffering persecution. I don’t think we will see that in the next 4 years.

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One Response to “Persecution of Christians”

  1. Hallucinating “persecution” is very popular among some groups.

    We in America have no real idea of what real persecution is all about.

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