Christian lyrics and the world’s music

If, as we are often told, that “Christian Rock” or “Christian Rap” are evil because they take Christian lyrics and put them together with the world’s music, is it OK for us to take the words of “Jesus Loves Me” and put it to the tune of the Flintstone’s theme song or Gilligan’s Island theme song? What is the difference?

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3 Responses to “Christian lyrics and the world’s music”

  1. I believe that using a secular beat and placing Christian Rap lyrics is not, but most of the Christian Rap artists do not do this. They use Christian producers who produce orginial material.

    Check out flame at or his ministry site at

    One Love

  2. Hi Brandon, the point I was trying to make is that there is a double standard: I’ve heard some say that Christian Rock/Christian Rap is evil, but then they teach kids to sing Christian songs to the tunes from the Flintstones or Gilligan’s Island. That is inconsistent.

    I have heard some Christian rap/hip-hop (including Flame) and have to say that there are some theologically deep songs – certainly some are even deeper than some of the traditional hymns.

  3. Manuel Fellows says:

    All music is “the world’s music”. Handel’s Messiah may be pleasing to our hears…..but that is a deceit. Likewise it is a lie to grade music (not lyrics)as whether it is ‘Christ-like’ or not. Scripture is quiet on this. Most likely, though, the music that our Lord listened to was played on instruments prevalent during His time on earth.

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