In a book I am reading, Christ Centered Preaching, I came across some great quotes.

Sermons that merely instruct – don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t lust, don’t procrastinate – will lead to little spiritual maturity, even if parishioners do all they are told. page 211

Make sure that you motivate believers primarily by grace, not by guilt or greed. If God has freed his people from the guilt and power of sin, then preachers have no right to put believers back under the weight Jesus bore. For many preachers, this is a particularly difficult imperative because in their own experience they have been so motivated by unrelenting guilt or by subtle appeal to greed that they have no real concept of what else could motivate people to serve God. In fact, they fear that without the burden of guilt (“God will get you if you don’t”) or the leverage of greed (“God will give you more if you do”), they will have no means to motivate obedience.

If we serve God primarily because we believe he will love us less if we do not, punish us more if we do less, or withhold blessing until we are sufficiently holy, then we are not obeying God for his glory but are pursuing our own self-interests. In such cases, the chief goal of our obedience is personal promotion or personal protection rather than the glory of God. page 219

Do you preach an attitude of gratitude or one of guilt and greed?

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3 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. Great quotes. I am always trying to catch good advice about preaching. I love the outlook that you put forth here. We need to change our entire perspective on preaching. Thanks.

  2. Bro Gord, did you finish reading the book, and would you recommend it to others? Who is the author? It sounds like a book I would be interested in reading. Thanks.

  3. Yes, I finished it. I liked the book a lot. It’s by Bryan Chapell. Here’s a link to an extremely short review with a link to the book on Amazon:

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