Jesus is everything to us or he is nothing

A must listen clip from Paul Washer:

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3 Responses to “Jesus is everything to us or he is nothing”

  1. Who is Paul Washer? Someone sent me a link to one of his hardhitting messages at a youth conference. This is the second time I’ve heard anything by him. Is he a Baptist (if so, Southern Baptist, IFB?)? Too bad he is not KJVonly. Is he a Calvinist? He makes a few statements which make me wonder if he means what I would or what a Calvinist would when he says them.

  2. Hi Jerry, I heard that youth conference message too. He is Southern Baptist missionary – not sure about Calvinist, although I think he leans that way. This is a link to his ministry’s web site:

  3. He is a 5 point Calvinist that believes in double predestination (God not only chooses who goes to Heaven, he also chooses who goes to Hell). He is not a Bible Believer, and he believes a man is regenerated BEFORE he is saved. He has a lot of passion, but he also believes in Lordship Salvation.

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