I am thankful

For God the Father

Because He is all-powerful, I know that nothing is too hard for him. I know He will neither tire nor need a rest.

Because He is omniscient, nothing takes Him by surprise. He does not wonder about the future.

Because He is self-sufficient, He is not helpless without me. Even if no one served God, He could make the rocks cry out – He could still do whatever He wants.

For God the Son

Because He was willing to die in my place, taking my sins upon Himself and giving me His righteousness. He did not want me to die and be cast into Hell to be tormented for all eternity.

Because He rose from the dead, He now makes intercession for me as my only mediator.

For God the Holy Spirit

Because He is my comforter, He is always there for me. He never feels blue nor withdraws from me. He is always making intercession for me even when I don’t know what I need.

For God’s Word

Because God recorded His word, I can learn more about Him and about the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for a poor, wretched sinner such as me.

For my wife

Because she completes me, I am able to be the man, husband, and father that God wants me to be. She is truly a blessing from God.

For my children

Happy is the man that has his quiver full. From my children, I’ve learned a lot about my relationship with God. Each one brings me joy in each one’s own way.

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