Grieve not the Holy Spirit

And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Ephesians 4:30

I recently posted about a book where the author painted God as weak and ignorant about what He could do. In another chapter of that same book, the author discusses the above verse and what it means to grieve the Holy Spirit. Following are some quotes from the book. He again does not portray the God that I know from the Bible.

I do not want to bring deity down to humanity; I want to raise humanity up to understand that deity and humanity are not separated by a great 42

Interesting. What does the Bible say?

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

More quotes from the book:

That same pain, that same grief, and that same sorrow is exactly what the Spirit of the Living God feels when we grieve the Holy Spirit. We hurt Him to the point where the Spirit of God says, “I don’t want to look at that any more.”

When we rise up on Saturday morning, we say, “Holy Spirit, let’s go to the bus route now.”

He responds, “I’m not ready for it.”

“You’re not ready for it? You’re the Spirit of the Living God.”

“Sorry, I just don’t feel like it,” the Spirit replies.

“But, Holy Spirit, let’s knock on doors and tell people about Jesus.”

“You go ahead; I don’t feel like it.”

pages 43-44

Christians, at times you wonder why you feel the way you do, when the Holy Spirit retreats into the farthest recess of your spirit. He goes as far as He can – back into the deep, dark depths, just like my wife runs to the basement, closes the door, and weeps tears of pain. Sometimes she begs, “Oh, God, help me! I miss my dad! I loved him so much. I miss him.”

The Spirit of God runs to the darkened recesses of your life and says, “I just want to cry. I’m, grieved! I’m hurt and sad!”

You ask, “The Spirit of God really does that?”

Yes! Christians grieve the Holy Spirit. At times, He feels abandoned and lost! Sometimes He says, “I don’t want to read right now with you.”

At those times, when you read your Bible, you say, “I don’t get anything out of it.”

The Spirit of God says, “I’m sorry. Maybe you should just scold me. I’m living inside of you, and I’m supposed to make the Book come alive. I’m just kind of numb right now.”

pages 44-45

The person merely says, “Oh, I’m doing fine,” because the Holy Spirit is still on automatic pilot, but then He becomes numb with the pain caused by the sin and the resulting grief that sets in followed by bewilderment and confusion.

You ask, “The Holy Spirit gets bewildered and confused?”

page 45

The Holy Spirit Who lives inside of you experiences the same emotions, the same feelings, the same pain, the same loss, the same suffering, the same anguish, the same numbness, the same anger, the same clamor, the same confusion, and the same bewilderment as you 49

So far, we have seen this author thinks God the Father can be made to work so hard He would break a sweat, that He does not know what He is capable of doing, and that He would be so overworked He would be forced to bring the rapture. Now, we see this author thinks that there really is not much difference between God and man and that the Holy Spirit gets depressed.

As I said before, don’t paint my God as weak and ignorant and don’t paint Him as chronically depressed. You will find out on judgment day that you are wrong.

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2 Responses to “Grieve not the Holy Spirit”

  1. He apparently has never met God.

  2. You said it, Samer! Is this more of Jack Schaap’s junk? Some quotes were posted by him on Jackhammer, and this sounds the same. Wow – why are unbelievers so determined to tear down God to their level?

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