The last commandment of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not covet.” What exactly does it mean to covet and why is it an offense against God? Coveting is not the mere appreciation of something another has. You can appreciate the strength of another’s ox (hey, we’re talking about a passage from the Old Testament so an Old Testament illustration should work) without coveting – without desiring to own that particular ox. The line is crossed, however, when you go from appreciating into thinking that you should be the owner of that ox. So why is this an offense against God? Well, that other person owns that ox because God gave him that ox. When you think you should be the owner rather than the other fellow, you are telling God that you know better than him about who should have the ox. You are elevating yourself above God. Don’t cross that line – don’t elevate yourself above God. Be content and thankful for what God has given you and be thankful on your neighbors’ behalf for what God has given them.

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