Sweeping it under the rug

A lot of times, people will hide dirt by sweeping it under the rug rather than taking the time to clean up the dirt. Cleaning up the dirt takes work and usually is an unpleasant task, so it is much easier to just hide the dirt and pretend it is not there. While this may make things appear to be clean – to be OK, under the surface the dirt is still there. After time and continued sweeping the dirt under the rug results in a lot of dirt under the carpet. Consider the effects of all this dirt under the carpet:

  1. The nice, pretty carpet wears out more quickly because the increased friction from the hidden dirt.
  2. The appearance of the carpet is worse not only from the increased wear, but also from the lumps of hidden dirt.
  3. The floor underneath the carpet is marred because of the increased friction leading to a deterioration of the supporting structure underneath the carpet.

After all is said and done, you still are left with all that dirt you hid under the carpet. Is it wise just to sweep it under the carpet? Wouldn’t everything be cleaner and stay clean if you made the effort to take care of the dirt properly? Are the temporary gains enjoyed by sweeping the dirt under the rug worth the long-term damage caused by doing so? Which do you prefer: the temporary or the long-lasting?

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