Red-letter editions

Many Bibles will use red ink to indicate which words the Lord Jesus Christ spoke while he dwelt among us. Have you ever noticed how some people think the words in red are more important or more true than the words in black? But aren’t all the words in the Bible the very words of God? Wouldn’t that make them all equally important and absolutely true?

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5 Responses to “Red-letter editions”

  1. Bro. Gordy, I had a friend who had recently been saved and started reading the Bible, and lo and behold, we were talking, and he was telling me only the words in red were inspired.
    There are also some ambiguities–what about when somebody like Paul quotes Jesus? What about Theophanies, or disputed interpretations such as Revelation 10:9?

    Good thought.

  2. Bro. Samer, I hope you were able to help your friend with his misunderstanding.

    I added a link to your web site – I had meant to do it earlier and forgot. BTW, I noticed on your tract poll, you have Blessed Hope listed. I sent them a tract I wrote that uses the law and they recently began printing it. It has an optical illusion on the front and asks “Can you believe your eyes?” On the inside, it then goes on to explain how we deceive ourselves into thinking we are good and then goes through some of the law and then the good news. It is tract #024.

  3. Thanks for the link. That tract you wrote sounds great! I’ve never seen their tracts before, and only knew of them from seeing the name on your church-recommendation list. Do you know the details to order tracts from them, or should I write the church for information? I probably ought to find some solid church-based ministry to print my tracts as well. It’s a shame because my own church has a very professional printing ministry.

  4. (And yes, my friend is now on the right track, and believes all the King James Bible, and is really growing in the Lord.)

  5. The mailing address for Blessed Hope Tracts is:
    Hope Tract Ministry
    PO Box 609
    York, SC 29745

    Fax: 803-684-9849

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