The Romans’ Road and Sinner’s Prayer

For awhile now, I’ve had concerns about the use of the Romans’ Road when witnessing to people. It seems that what started out as a decent outline of what to address when witnessing to a lost person has evolved into a high-pressure sales pitch to get a person to pray the Sinner’s Prayer. This no doubt leads to many false professions and gives false assurance to those who buy into the sales pitch. Many of the people to whom I’ve witnessed in the past couple of years have admitted to praying “that prayer” before, but it was obvious as we talked that they had no idea about sin, righteousness, and judgment.

The guys over at JackHammer have another good article on this subject:

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One Response to “The Romans’ Road and Sinner’s Prayer”

  1. I have been trying to relay this same type of message to our church when I’m given a privilage to preach but it seems that most of the men including the Pastor doesn’t agree. I believe I was one of these false converts because I have experienced the same but now I have truly repented and have put my trust in Jesus Christ and with God’s grace I’m continuing to live a holy life with the strength God working in me. To God be the glory!!!!

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