How to think, not just what to think

As a father of four children, I am committed to raising them so they become well-functioning adults. As part of raising them, my wife and I have established rules they are to follow. These rules are not meant to be hindrances to their joy, but rather the rules if followed are meant to protect them. However, one can cross a dangerous line with rules for your children. If all you teach them is what to think, you need to create rules for every possible situation your children may ever encounter. It is important that we also teach our children how to think, how to discern the positive and negative. Rules are good, but the thought process behind the rules should also be taught.

The following articles, Fence Building and Dog Training: Fundamentalism’s Dearth of Discernment and Discerning Dogs and the Masters Who Train Them: Developing Christian Discernment, do a great job at explaining this further. If you are serious about training up your children in the way they should go, then I highly recommend you read these two articles.

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