Come as you are

On many church brochures, you will see something along the lines of “Come as you are.” Many of the more liberal churches will even encourage you to stay as you are. Some churches will go one step better and add “but don’t stay as you came” to the end of that. While that may sound good – we do want people to change, to grow in grace, but should people come as they are? How exactly are people when they are coming just as they are? Should the pride-filled sinner come in his pride?

But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. James 4:6

Shouldn’t the proud sinner come in humility? Shouldn’t the blasphemer come crying out for mercy? Shouldn’t the idolater come leaving his idols behind?

To come into His presence, we must first humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. Don’t come as you are.

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One Response to “Come as you are”

  1. Look at the phrase “come as you are” — it
    works… because apart from Christ’s work in my life, I cannot change and live a life worthy of God’s standard…I will completely and totally fail under my own efforts.

    In reality I can only come to Christ “as I am.” and let Him make me into who He wants me to be.

    Come as you are — you don’t have to dress, talk, act, live a certain way before you come.

    Some churches look down on a visitor because of the way he/she chooses to dress when they come to church. My wife went to a new church one Sunday while I was out of town and had our newborn with her. The looks of disgust because they assumed she was a “single Mom” showed her very quickly it was not the church for her because she couldn’t come as she was…she had to obtain some unwritten standard before she would be accepted.

    The pride-filled sinner will have to come with his pride until Christ shows him the pride is a sin and works in the person’s life to show humility is the replacement for pride.

    Come as you are — a phrase meant for those who do not yet have a saving relationship with Christ…

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