Cain’s wife and evolutionists

Many evolutionists will poke fun at the Bible because they think it is gross that Cain had to marry a sister. However, belief in evolution requires you to believe something far worse. Consider the two possible scenarios for how the human race began:

  1. multiple humans had to evolve from multiple sets of sub-human parents at the exact same time in order for the first humans to have an unrelated mate.
  2. the first human evolved and had to mate with a sub-human.

Even the most ardent evolutionist would admit that scenario 1 is extremely unlikely since that would require that hundreds of humans evolved from hundreds of sets of sub-human parents at the exact same time in history. They are left with scenario 2 – the first human mated with a sub-human. Isn’t something sub-human considered a beast? For evolutionists, they believe they are offspring from a human and a beast. Isn’t that far worse than Cain marrying his sister?

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