The Titanic

When the Titanic was built, many believed it could not sink. In fact, the builder boasted that even God could not sink it. Those who were on board thought they were safe. Even after striking the iceberg, many did not get into the lifeboats because they still believed they were safe on board the Titanic. Many of the lifeboats left the ship half-empty because the passengers on board the ship did not believe they were in danger.

As Christians, we need to warn people that they are in danger of judgment by a holy and righteous God. We must warn them to flee from the wrath to come and to flee to the safety of the Saviour. Many people will not believe they are in danger. Therefore, we need to awaken them to their guilt and condemnation. We must use the law of God which brings the knowledge of sin and is our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. We must show them they are guilty of breaking God’s law. We must show them that, as lawbreakers, they are condemned to everlasting punishment. Then, and only then, will the sinner believe he is in danger and flee to the Saviour.

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One Response to “The Titanic”

  1. My Grandfather died on the Titantic boiler room and my uncle was born the same day the ship went down.

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