For some things, you don’t need to call headquarters

Imagine, if you will, a firefighter arrives at a house on fire and people are trapped inside. Should the firefighter first call back to headquarters to see if the chief wants him to attempt to rescue the people from the fire? Of course not! The firefighter’s job is to rescue people from fires – he already has a charge to rescue them. He does not need to seek additional guidance before doing so.

We are spiritual firefighters. We have a charge given by the Lord Jesus Christ to rescue those who are trapped and condemned to eternal flames. When deciding if you should witness to someone, you don’t need to pray and seek direction from God. Just recall that God said to go and preach the gospel to every creature – then ask yourself if the person is included in “every creature” and you’ll know if you should witness to him or her. There is no need to call headquarters and ask our chief for guidance.

“Save some with fear, pulling them out of the fire.”

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