What works better?

Suppose you were walking down a street early one morning and saw a house on fire and you knew that a family was inside sleeping. You know that if you do not do something, they will perish in the flames. Would you:

  1. Walk slowly by with a smile on your face acting like you were having a good time and hope they would wake up and see you and think that what you are doing is better than staying in bed.
  2. Go knock on the door and try to convince them that you are really happy and being outside of the house is so much better than being inside the house.
  3. Run into the house while screaming to wake them up, pulling them out of their beds, and warning them about the fire and if they don’t flee they will perish in the flames.

Which one would be more effective? Obviously, the third one would work best. If screaming and pulling and warning works best for saving people from a physical fire, why do we try to deliver them from the eternal fire without warning them about the judgment to come? Why do we think that if we just live right that people will get saved even if we don’t ever open our mouths? Why do we think that saying they will be happier will make them repent? After all, sinners are happy in their sins. Sin does have its pleasure for a season. Many lost people have good marriages, well-behaved children, good jobs, good health, etc. If they are already happy and content, telling them what we have will make them happy or happier will not bring them to Christ.

The Bible says that we are to save them “with fear, pulling them out of the fire.” We are to warn them of the judgment to come. We are to use the law to convict them of their sin because the law is the “schoolmaster to bring them to Christ.” Faith comes by hearing the word of God – not by seeing our lifestyle. A sinner will never have sorrow if they never know they have transgressed God’s law and will have to face the perfect, holy, and just judge.

In Ezekiel, we are told that the watchman is to warn the people of the danger to come. If the watchman does so, he will be innocent of the people’s blood if the people do not listen. But if the watchman does not warn the people, he will have the people’s blood on his hands. God has set us as watchmen for the souls of the lost. If we do not open our mouths to warn them, their blood is upon our hands.

Are your hands clean?

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