Myth of Global Warming

We keep hearing over and over and over again about the coming doom caused by global warming brought about by the plague we call humanity. People are treated as a disease on planet Earth. Science tells us global warming is true. Or does it? Read this article disputing the "fact" of global warming.

Evolution is treated in like manner. The media and atheists push evolution on us and say it is a proven fact but they try to hide all the problems and censor anything they don’t want people to know.

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One Response to “Myth of Global Warming”

  1. […] A while back, I posted about the Myth of Global Warming. Now, our former Vice-President, Al Gore, has created a movie in an attempt to scare us into the tree-hugger camp. Unfortunately, his movie is a distortion at best, and maybe even outright lies. Read this article to see the other side of the story – the other side that is supported by real scientists. […]

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