Respect for Life

She wouldn’t want to live like this. Is that a good reason to kill someone? Apparently, Michael Schiavo thinks that is a good reason to kill his wife and he even has judges who agree with him. His wife Terri is unable to speak – but she is not brain-dead. She is not even in a coma. She is conscious and breathing on her own. She responds to her family. She only needs a feeding tube for nourishment. Mr. Schiavo claims his wife once told him that she would not wish to live in such a state – presumably giving him permission to remove the feeding tube. Even though she supposedly said this – while she was in good health, does he know for sure she hasn’t changed her mind now that she finds herself in this situation? How many times have people made a statement about how they would handle a particular situation and then when actually faced with the situation handled it differently? When the tube was removed, it has been reported that someone told her that if she wanted to live that she needed to express that. She mustered all her strength and blurted out “I want!” This woman has a desire to live. She has a right to life. Her husband wants her dead so he doesn’t have to live in the guilt of his adulterous affair. If Congress does not intervene and she dies because the tube was removed, her blood will be upon her husband’s hands. Michael Schiavo will be guilty of murder.

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