Social Security

For many years now, we’ve been hearing how Social Security may not be there when many of us reach retirement age. Many politicians make great promises about how they are going to save Social Security to ensure it will continue as a viable means of support for retirees. I recently saw an interesting statistic that sheds a bright light into the main problem. In 1950, we had 16 workers paying in to Social Security for every 1 that was collecting it. Today, we have 2 workers paying in for every 1 collecting it. We’ve gone from 16:1 to 2:1. Certainly we cannot save Social Security with a ratio like that. What is the reason behind the dramatic decrease? It is because we do not have as many workers as we should have. Why do we not have as many workers as we should? Since the early 1960’s, we’ve been murdering millions of potential workers – both through abortion and through birth-control pills. If all those babies had not been murdered, there would be millions more workers. To fix Social Security, we need to outlaw abortion and we need to outlaw the birth control pill (which causes chemical abortions). Only when we have a far greater number of workers than we do retirees will we have a viable Social Security program.

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