Growing a jaw bone from stem cells

Recent news articles report that a man who had part of his jaw bone removed because of cancer received a new jaw bone implant that was grown from stem cells. Fetal stem cell research proponents will likely use this as fuel for their cause but they will ignore or minimize one of the most important facts about this case. The stem cells came from the man’s own bone marrow – not from a fetus. Using adult stem cells has shown much promise and that is where the private investors’ money is going. Private investors want a good return on their money so they invest in what shows the most promise. They invest in adult stem cell research. Smart investors don’t invest in fetal stem cell research because research in that area has resulted in failure.

Don’t believe people who say they only want to do research on fetal stem cells because they want to find cures for dreadful diseases. If that was the case, they would do more research on the promising adult stem cells. People that want research done with fetal stem cells are really trying to push the pro-abortion, anti-consequence movement and get people to believe that a fetus isn’t really a life and isn’t really human.

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