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The Lambs of Hephzibah House: Silence Protects No One

Friday, September 18th, 2009 at 9:16 am

A recent series of podcasts, The Lambs of Hephzibah House, has been released that needs to be shared far and wide. These podcasts detail abuse received by teenage girls at a girls’ home in Indiana. You should listen to these and then pass them on. This home needs to be shut down so the abuse will end.

The podcast consists of 5 episodes, each about 15 minutes in length. Here are links to the individual episodes:

  1. Episode 1 – Background and Initiation
  2. Episode 2 – Breaking the Will of a Daughter of God
  3. Episode 3 – Labor and Food
  4. Episode 4 – A Policy and Culture of Humiliating Children
  5. Episode 5 – Triumphs

Silence protects no one.

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